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Commencing 1964- 1982 Club Awards: Award description below table 


1964 Bob Brindley          
1965 Ian Hume          
1966 Ian Hume          
1967 Trevor Hulcup/Ross Field          
1968 Roger Gray          
1969 Ross Field          
1970 Frank Murray          
1971 Bob Brindley          
1972 Frank Murray          
1973 Malcolm Traill          
1974 Frank Murray          
1975 Bob Brindley Chris Jones        
1976 Steve Hayward Terry Green Jenny Wealand      
1977 David Miller Graeme Wright Jenny Wealand      
1978 Denis Reynolds John Bouchier Pam Babb      
1979 Malcolm Traill Neil Jilley Carol Garfield Matthew Jones    
1980 Frank Fitzgerald David Viner Bronwyn Lang Geoff Reynolds    
1981 Ron Hewitt Matthew Jones Liz Allen Williams Diarmid Burns    
1982 Michael Bain Bruce Johnson Janice Adams Richard Lewis Janice Adams  
1983 Tim Rigden/David Miller Bede Rogers Suzi Wood Garrett Cullity Pippa Thompson  
1984 Bob Brindley David Albrecht Vicki Scarf Darren Steinberg Christina Walker  
1985 Matthew Jones Bruce Johnston Sherilee Edwards John Hui Kate Moore  
1986 Justin Whitely Stephen Hicks   Philip Albrecht Pippa Thompson  
1987 Hayden Smith John Hui Kate Moore Craig McKenzie Kate Leeming  
1988 Justin Whitely Justin McKirdy Angela Kelly Joe Ghandour Lisa Ward  
1989 Hayden Smith Stephen Hicks Angela Kelly Andrew Ginbey Kim Aitken  
1990 Michael Nobbs Richard McKay Clare Smith Geoff Sandilands Meredith Blake  
1991 Russell Rieck/Sean Kelly Geoff Sandilands Angela Kelly Chris Rourke Stephanie Calder  
1992 Robert Clement/Hayden Smith Tim Rear Clare Smith Ben Heuchan Val Boggs  
1993 Derek Osborne   Bronwyn Andrew Ben Martin    
1994 David Viner   Val Boggs Gordon Mathwin Emma Hall  
1995 Tony Perrin Peter Swingler Angela Kelly Terry Creek Emma Hall  
1996 Mark Hager Greg Thompson Kath Partridge   Clare Reilly  
1997 Ben Tredgold   Emma Hall Michael Boyce    
1998 Craig Boyce   Felicity Graham Geoff Boyce    
1999 Todd Knox   Megan Gooding/Tonya Mutter Phil Monaco    
2000 Damon Diletti Ryan Harry Kim Walker Scott Webster Kirsty Hewitt  
2001 Todd Knox Chris Webster Janis Boyce Anthony Klobas Tegan Martin  
2002 Bryan Knox   Emma Stevens Steve Boyce    
2003 Geoff Boyce/Rohan Wilson Simon Tiverios Laura Ross Andrew Boyatsis    
2004 Robert Underdown Brendon Gairns Laura Ross Henry Ellis    
2005 Bryan Knox Simon Tiverios Kirsty Hewitt Jeff Murray Sarah Newman  
2006 Chris Stoddart/Nick Young Jon Wyber Kirsty Hewitt Jack Marfleet Shayni Buswell  
2007 David Brown Dylan Foley Laura Ross Chris Bausor Aleisha Broom  
2008 Brendon Gairns/David Brown Ben Ashford Liz Perry Hamish Coates Annalyse Lister  
2009 Kieran Sadlier/Hamish Coates Ben Ashford Meg Cinanni Adam Froese Caitlin Pascov  
2010 Kieran Sadlier Chris Bausor Meg Cinanni Frank Main Claire Ellis  
2011 Simon Edmonds Sam Pike Sarah Newman Seb Ewing Caitlin Pascov  
2012 Simon Edmonds Seb Ewing Tahnee Patterson Dan Carton Maddie Smith  
2013 Frank Fitzgerald Darcy Bott Tahnee Patterson Adrian Pearce    
2014         Elysia Burvill  
2015 Guy Peterson Daniel Timms Mel Mercer   Elysia Burvill  
2016 Guy Peterson Tim Andrew Sarah Puglisi Jack Leaversuch Elysia Burvill  
2019 Michael Ramsay   Tania Perpoli Harry Pell    
2020 Michael McManus   Anna Churack      
2021 Max Evans   Kerry Gallagher      
2022 Daniel Timms   Louise Walsh/Mary Gwynne Monty Atkins    
2023 Alex Wood   Emilie Fitzgerald Vince Umbers    



J S Lynn played in the era immediately post-war and was captain of our first Men’s First Division Premiership team in 1947. He recognized the need to acknowledge the contribution and service to the club by individuals and so donated this award that now bears his name.

This award recognizes a commitment to the Men’s division of the club that brings credit to the Hockey club as a whole over the course of the last year. Usually presented to a member of the Men’s Division but this is not a requirement.



Best UWAHC player at intervarsity (Men's Division)



Pam Rothwell played and coached in UWA First Division Women’s teams of the 1970s and 1980s, she went on to represent the state as a player and as a coach. Pam was also Patron of the University Women’s Hockey for many years prior to the amalgamation of Men’s and Women’s clubs.

This award recognizes a commitment to the Women’s division of the club that brings credit to the University Hockey club as a whole over the course of the last year. Usually presented to a member of the Women’s Division but this is not a requirement.



Best first-year player (Men's Division)



Best UWAHC player at intervarsity (Women's Division)


Commencing 1986- 2008 Club Awards: Award description below table

1986     Darren Hawkins  
1987     Peter Kerr  
1988     Chris Ury  
1989     Paul Armitage  
1990     Damon Diletti  
1991     Damon Diletti  
1992   Bronwyn Andrews Damon Diletti  
1993   Danielle Bloom Simon Sustek  
1994   Penny Critch Matthew Gorton  
1995 Mark Hager Kelly Robertson Trid Woodhouse  
1996 Bruce Jones      
1997 Pino Monaco Brigit Beyer Terry Creek  
1998 Craig Boyce Veronica Scott Michael Boyce  
1999 Pino Monaco Shayni Buswell Michael Boyce Shayni Buswell
2000 Kim Jones Kristen Paech Michael Boyce Angie Skirving
2001 Rohan Wilson/Simon Tiverios Kelly Colgan Geoff Boyce Shayni Buswell
2002 Robert Clement Fiona Young Geoff Boyce Shayni Buswell
2003 Pino Monaco Sarah Newman Steven Boyce Fiona Boyce
2004 Gordon Bragg Tania Perpoli Steven Boyce Kate Hubble
2005 Geoff Boyce Felicity Riddell Andrew Smith Fiona Boyce
2006 Simon Tiverios Abby Jay Jono Wyber Fiona Boyce
2007 Brendon Gairns Pip Host    
2008 Peter Churack Caitlin Pascov/Holly White    
2009 David Brown/Kerry Gallagher Natasha Epari    
2010 Geoff Boyce/Kerry Gallagher Georgia Pugh    
2011 Kerry Gallagher Maddie Smith    
2012 Frank Fitzgerald Micky Mihailou    
2013 Ryan Croll/Damian McEvoy Ann McMahon    
2015 Damian McEvoy      
2016 Michael Boyce/Lisa Reynolds Pip Morgan    
2019 Dan Timms Charlotte Massey Coby Green Jessica Butterworth
2020 Max Evans      
2021 Chris Nelson Belle Ramshaw Harry Golding Britney De Silva
2022 Bridget Smith Neasa Flynn Cam Geddes Britney De Silva
2023 David Albrecht Lexie Pickering Cam Geddes Saysha Pillay



This award honours the memory of Robert “Bob” Brindley, a stalwart of the UWA Hockey club, First Division player for many years, Past Club President and Past President of WAHA, (HockeyWA’s predecessor) and a Director of Hockey Australia who passed away in his early 50s.

The award came into being following his death and the amalgamation of the Men’s and Women’s clubs in 1985 as the newly formed club had no award to recognise service to the full club.

This award recognises outstanding contribution to the club as a volunteer, either as a board member, player, coach or administrator. It is the highest annual award given by the club and acknowledges that contribution over the last year.



Best first-year player (Women's Division)



Best U21 Player (Men's Division)




Best U21 Player (Women's Division)


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